Cinjun's Fire

When the most eligible bachelor in Houston Texas, Cinjun Hawk Hunt, an immensely sought-after Top Tier Oil Lawyer and affluent powerhouse meets one of the firm’s new Black Ops security team members, he encounters a woman that is mysterious, brazen and a former Kidon for Israel’s Mossad. The ethereal and hot-tempered Petra is incensed to realize that she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds herself aching to get closer to him. Unable to resist Petra’s strong-willed beauty and independent spirit, Cinjun admits he wants her and will stop at nothing to have her.

Thrust into a world of enviable wealth, perilous stakes and a passion that can’t be held back, Petra finds herself torn between two missions. The overriding mission to safeguard Cinjun, requiring her to be cold

and unresponsive and the mission to quench her longing for the man she desires.
This book is action packed with romance and a hint of western and political theme, sure to please everyone.

Our books are intended for a mature audience.

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Cinjun's Fire - New Beginnings

Cinjun's Fire - Beginnings

Kindle Edition - $2.99 Amazon

Paperback Edition - $14.95 - Now available on Amazon

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Cinjun's Fire - New Beginnings

Cinjun's Fire - Secrets & Lies

Kindle Edition - $3.99 Amazon

Paperback Edition - $14.99 - Now available on Amazon

Personal Signed Copy - Please contact us

About the Author

Fox Rain is a pseudonym for the mother and daughter co-writers of the Cinjun’s Fire series.

Fox, has a background in the Mortgage and Loan industry. She grew up around horses and cowboys and always dreamed of being able to share the two in stories, after all, who doesn’t like a good steamy story about cowboys. She is also Native American. She has written other books but this is the first book that she ever was able to fully realize what she truly wanted to write about.

Rain, also Native American, served in the USAF as a Command and Control Specialist in Cheyenne, Wyoming, an IT Specialist in Sacramento, California and later stationed in Washington State as a Recruiter for units specializing in Cyber Warfare, Pilots, TACP, Intel and Reconnaissance, Medical Physicians and specialist and many more. After retiring out of the military, she grew her career in marketing, media, screenwriting  and film. She has always written stories but never had a chance to fully develop them into novels.

Why Cinjun's Fire?


Reading several thousands of romance novels in our lifetimes, we were never were able to find a romance novel that had depth to the story and that offered more for the readers. Together, we wrote the book to bring you a cross between action, suspense, politcal events with romance and a western.

Together, Fox Rain brings you Cinjun’s Fire Beginnings, Cinjun’s Fire Secrets & Lies, Cinjun’s Fire Breaking Ties and possibly more to come!


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